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Bug Sweeps – What They Are And What You Could Find


If you have reason to believe there may be electronic listening devices at your home or office, finding someone to do a professional inspection could be in order. You can attempt to do so yourself, but hiring someone with knowledge and experience is the only way to achieve true peace of mind.


Common areas a professional will generally inspect for bugs include the walls, appliances, electronic devices, computer lines, electrical outlets, telephones and office equipment. But while these are the most common places to find listening devices, they’re not the only areas that will generally be inspected during a bug sweep.

Bug sweeping devices are usually utilized in order to quickly identify any wireless systems present at the property. Phone wiretap detectors, frequency scanners and multimeters are examples of equipment that can be used during a high-tech bug sweep.


If you have reason to suspect your home or office has been bugged, industry professionals have the equipment, the experience and the knowledge necessary to find out for you. Having a bug sweep done today can discover these listening devices or, even if nothing is found, can give you some peace of mind moving forward.

And once the sweep is completed, regardless of whether or not anything is found, taking precautions to avoid bugs being used on your property in the future is certainly prudent.


If you’re in the type of business where this is a legitimate concern, install a surveillance system and keep track of who is coming and going at your home and/or business. And it might also be a good idea to schedule a periodic bug sweep moving forward, just to be safe.

You never know where listening and video devices could be placed secretly on your property. Technology has advanced to a point where bugs can literally be placed anywhere and can be incredibly small and hard to detect without knowing exactly what you’re looking for.


Bugs are very discreet nowadays and can be hidden in many different places. That pen on your desk may not really be a pen, that alarm clock could be much more than just a device that wakes you up in the morning and that lampshade could be hiding much more than just a light bulb.

Or if it’s really a professional job, bugs could be in your walls, ceilings or floors. You just never know where these little nuisances can be found.


While often small, bugs can do a log of damage if they go undetected. Your business, your reputation and your life’s work can all be at risk if bugs are placed on your property, not to mention damage that can be inflicted in your personal life.

So if you’re concerned about your personal and/or professional security, call a professional today and schedule a bug sweep. You may want to call from a public telephone or borrow a friend’s phone if you think yours could be compromised


Don’t reveal any private information in the meantime, until certain that your property hasn’t been compromised. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Contact a professional today and schedule a bug sweep for your home and/or office. You never know what you might find.

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