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New ACES Location In West Texas

ACES Private Investigations El Paso, like every other office in the ACES network, deals with a large and varied assortment of cases on a daily basis. But there are some that are more frequent than others, cases like Texas infidelity investigations and surveillance programs that make up a good percentage of the company’s case load. 

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But while that’s how we spend a good deal of our time, ACES specializes in all types of private investigative services. If it falls under the umbrella of private investigation, there’s a nearly 100 percent chance that we’ve seen and handled similar cases.

Our ACES Private Investigations Staff

We have detectives and investigators on our staff who specialize in many of these types of cases, ranging from bodyguard services and armed security to more customized cases that we tailor to each client’s specific needs.

And then there are the undercover operations, which are important in a number of different industries and for a number of different reasons.

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These are the types of cases where our investigators really shine, allowing them to blend into their surroundings while uncovering pertinent evidence that our clients really need.

What we do at ACES

Undercover operations that ACES and our team of experienced Texas private investigators specialize in include worker’s compensation fraud, compliance issues, workplace violations, theft, embezzlement and “mystery shopping” exercises.

A good number of ACES private investigators in El Paso have backgrounds in law enforcement and know how to properly investigate these types of cases.

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And they can do so without breaking the law or jeopardizing the case by obtaining information and/or evidence in an illegal or unethical manner.

When an ACES investigator or detective gathers evidence pertaining to your case, you can rest assured that it was obtained properly and can be used in a court of law. It does neither us nor our clients any good to do the work if it doesn’t lead to the payoff our clients want, expect and demand from us.

Make ACES Your #1


So if you need someone to blend into your workplace and report findings back to you on a regular basis, ACES Private Investigations El Paso is ready, willing and able to get the job done on your behalf.

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Particularly in cases of theft, embezzlement, fraud and other instances where your bottom line is impacted, can you really afford not to hire a Texas private investigator who can gather evidence and help you to protect yourself, your company and the rest of your staff?

Give ACES a call today at 915-331-8960 so we can discuss your case and pose a few solutions for you moving forward.

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